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A Major Show at David Owsley Museum of Art and Atrium Gallery, BSU, Muncie, IN

Image: Lorri Markum

Last week we installed a show at Ball State University in Muncie, IN, my alma mater. The show will run through October 16, 2019. A Closing Reception and Gallery Talk will take place from 4-6 PM on October 16.

The title, "Time's Signature", refers to my interest in energy flow expressed through matter in time or "nature".

The 8' tall sculpture, "Orator", is in lobby of the David Owsley Museum of Art and serves as a pointer to the larger installation at the Ned Griner or Atrium Gallery in the School of Art and Design Building.

Image: Jordan Huffer

The Owsley Museum provided a couple of very professional young men to assist with installation of "Orator".

Image: Nancy Pulley

Installation view in the Ned Griner Gallery of the School of Art and Design,

Ball State University, Muncie, IN.

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