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Robert Pulley


I grew up in the American Midwest where frequent solitary walks in the woods and along the creeks and rivers of rural Indiana etched strong impressions into my memory of the varied forms, colors and textures around me. Evidence of the effects of time were everywhere in the rock strata, glacial till, and aboriginal artifacts. I found a sense of wonder that embraced mysteries of nature, of change and of time.


I have always been intuitive, reactive and spontaneous. I love improvisation, expression and the power of chance and serendipity. Here is how it works:


In my creative process there is always a time of free improvisation using easily manipulated materials on a small scale. The materials may have qualities of a found object, chance forms that must be reacted to, much as a jazz musician riffs off a casual theme. The resulting models are very crude, casual and many. A chosen few undergo editing, refinement and transformation as they are built into full size sculptures.

Tel: (812) 342-6475



8670 W. 450 S.

Columbus, IN 47201

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