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A New Project Shakes Things Up

In June 2018 I approached an acquaintance of mine, designer Jonathan Nesci, about the idea of showing our very different work together. He had another idea. Jonathan had been thinking of starting a series of discrete collaborations with artists, architects, designers, really any creative people. I was lucky enough to be the first in a series he has branded "W/".

Jonathan works very minimally, cleanly, mathematically and thoughtfully in his digital designs. My work is typically organic, intuitive and spontaneous (at least in conception). The work that has been born of this meeting of individuals has stretched us both and is unique as a record of that 3+ month meeting. I, for one, can not wait to see the next collaboration in Jonathan's W/ series.

To see more images, to read more commentary about the W/ (with) project, or to follow future collaborations under W/, go to:

To see images of work by Jonathan Nesci or to read about him, google his name.

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